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    Orion NPM SNMP GET-TABLE feature request


      Recently I raised a case with SolarWinds support to get assistance to configure alerts when a Nortel stack temperature reaches certain threshold. Below is the final response.

      - Orion will not abe able to do Alerting once "if a specific stack temperature reaches it threshold"
              The OID that you are using provides the results in form of SNMP GET-TABLE. It means that the table provide 3 set's of values from that OID. Those 3 values are stored in the database in the column called RowID as (1, 2 , 3) and there is no such way in Orion to do alerting on each individual Row.
              - Unfortunately this is a limitation in Orion and I can only mark it as a Feature Request , but at this moment , there is no such way to perform alerting on when we poll for "SNMP GET-TABLE"
              - If the OID would be polling for "SNMP GET" or "SNMP GET-NEXT" then the alerting would be straight forward, because the OID is only providing single value and that is stored in the database, but in case with "SNMP GET-TABLE" there are multiple Row Id's and all those values are stored in 1 cell with in the database table.

      It will be useful, if this feature is added in the next NPM release.