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    Automated Means to add/delete Interfaces and Sub Interfaces


      I'd like to add my request for this feature with the following capabilities.

      *ability to select specific interfaces to auto detect new or deleted sub-interfaces

      *ability to select by site, machine type or interface type (E.G., GigE, XE, AE or other specific interface. Not Type 6 or 3 etc)

      *ability to automatically detect new subinterfaces such as VLANS, Links

      *ability to alarm on selected physical interfaces

      Our SW NMP is currently monitoring well over 80,000 physical interfaces, engineers and customer marketing have requested that new customers added to a physical interface get picked up automatically and like wise disconnected customers be removed from collection. Manually doing this via List Resources, or using network sonar has proven UNMANAGEABLE and from a database standpoint INACCURATE