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    Network sonar frustration


      We have quite a few nodes and Network Sonar has been helpful with tracking down new devices/drives/interfaces that have been added to our environment without adding to monitoring.  It's always had this issue with picking up things that are "useless".  I realize "useless" isn't entirely accurate for everyone, but it is for my company in this case.  I don't really want to discover floppy drives, optical drives, loopback adapters, /dev (not really a volume that's useful to monitor), tunnel adapters, WAN miniport adapters, etc.  I also don't really care to discover disabled or down interfaces.

      In past versions of NPM, we just pruned them from the discovered interfaces and volumes table.  Unfortunately, in 10.2 this no longer works and it actually breaks things.  Yes, I realize I can ignore these volumes and interfaces, but there's no way to do this in bulk.  For example, I have a server with 1000 tunnel adapters.  Either I ignore the machine or I have to click 1000 times to ignore each of the individual adapters.  This is pretty impractical.  The other situation is that I don't really want to discover down or shutdown ports on a switch.  If they're down, they probably aren't doing anything that useful to me and I don't want to add them to monitoring.  In the past, we've been able to work around the limited filtering options of the discovery, but now we're stuck.

      I'd love to see a feature that allow you to ignore interface types or volume types.  Even better, it would also be nice to be able to ignore a pattern for Linux/Unix/Mac OS volumes (e.g. /dev, NFS volumes, etc).

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          First of all I completely agree with you....I to would prefer if you could dynamically filter out certain elements (I don't care about optical, removable, or network interfaces on Windows, Linux, Unix, etc)

          Another thwack user (thanks again Andy) gave me a great workaround to select any number of checkboxes at a time however in this thread Re: Need a select all feature per node (Network Sonar Discovery)

          It does require the use of a javascript however to accomplish but is a very simple task.

          Not to take anything away from this post I do agree that some work needs to happen to the discovery to exclude some elements from even being discovered in the first place.