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    Bandwidth Monitor Bug in ipMonitor 10.5


      I get the following message when I add a bandwidth monitor for interfaces other than Ethernet : The specified address to the connection based service is unavailable. The Ethernet interfaces work fine. All other SNMP monitoring, CPU, memory etc works fine.

      I have downloaded a full mib and installed it but no change. To complicate things I can add a monitor for a specific oid, like ifInOctets, and it tracks fine. If I use the oid I see the list of interfaces but when I select the wan link the above error occurs.

      Have tried both v1 and v2.

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          Good day Prossouw,

          This is currently a known issue with ipMonitor 10.5 and interfaces that have no Ethernet address.   A hotfix should be available very soon.  In the meantime, can you possibly open a new case via the following form so that I can send you a new executable to test:


          Thank you.


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                Hi Chris,


                We recently deployed a new installation of v10.5 and were about to upgrade another site from 10.01 to 10.5 when the new site also ran into this issue.  We are trying to monitor bandwidth utilization on T-1 HWICs in Cisco routers and are getting the same "The specified address to the connection based service is unavailable" message.

                Your response on 10/21 indicated that a hotfix would be available "very soon"--since that was over a month ago, does that mean there is a hotfix now?  If so, how do I obtain it?  Not having the ability to monitor and report on this utilization is a big issue for us.  If there's no hotfix, do I need to rip out 10.5 and put in 10.01 instead, since this feature is stable there?