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    array element type mismatch


      Receiving the following error:

      Data Collection Issue  : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: array element type mismatch                                                                       

      It used to work fine.

      What should I be looking at to fix this issue





      Overall Status Data Collection Issue  : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: array element type mismatch                                                                       
      Last Collect: 2.7 wks                                                                       
      Total ESX Hosts7(7 are being monitored)                                                                                                                                                                 
      Virtual Machines
      150/170 (88%)
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          Garrett Gross

          Try a re-discovery:

          Unassign all of the virtualization components in Storage Manager:

          Go to Settings > Virtualization (Assign ESX hosts), select all clusters and unassign the agent(s) from them.  Click the ESX tab and assign ALL ESX hosts to an agent.  In your resources list (Settings > All Resources), filter by ESX host (VMware ESX) and delete every single one of them.  This will force STM to retrieve a new hosts list from Vmware.

          Locate the Virtual Center(s) in the resource list (Settings > All Resources), click the edit button, choose "Select a Poller for this device" from the Poller drop down, and save.

          Purge the Virtualization module:

          Go on to the server that hosts the agent monitoring the Virtual Center.  Stop the STM agent process in the services menu (run >services.msc) Navigate to \Storage Manager Agent\systemic\mod.sys.virtual.Virtual_1.0\, and delete the data directory. Start the agent process back up.  You will need to do this for every agent you have monitoring the Clusters/ESX hosts

          Assign the agent(s) back to the Virtual Center:

          In the STM GUI, find the virtual center in the resources list, assign the Poller back to it (edit window) and let it collect.  Wait 15-20 minutes and assign the Clusters / ESX hosts back (Settings > Virtualization (Assign ESX hosts).

          Give it a couple of hours to collect.

          If, after performing the steps above, you are still not seeing data please submit a support ticket at www.solarwinds.com/support/ticket/