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    Cannot download the configuration from our Cisco CSS


      We have Kiwi CatTools in a number of locations, and in each, we can't seem to download our Cisco CSS configurations.  Other switches and routers work fine with CatTools.

      The error message from the management console log is : "specified username or password is invalid".

      1) Does anyone know what has to be done to fix this

      2) Is there a way i can bring up a debug console to see what is happening during the login sequence ?




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          Steve Welsh

          Hi Phaedrus2,

          To troubleshoot this issue we'd really need to get some diagnostic information from you about your device, which may contain some sensitive data; therefore probably best to raise a support ticket rather than request you send over a public forum.

          Once you've raised a ticket, could you please post back here the ticket # and any solutions you receive from support.