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    Node stuck in warning state


      I have had a few nodes recently that seem to be stuck in warning state,

      They are definately down, cannot ping them from the server

      2 have been down for at least 6 hours however they are showing as yellow - node state warning in Orion Top 10

      So an alert has not been fired for them.

      Other down nodes are showing as red

      What could be causing this?


        • Re: Node stuck in warning state

          Hello, it depends on your fast poll definition. Use case of node up -> node warning -> node down is like this:

          1) check if node is responding, if not set node warning state and start fast poll

          2) fast poll check node status by defined time interval and set node down if it doesn't response after x - times

          Fix can be set shorter fast poll interval or call "poll now" on specified nodes.

          Regards TomP