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    Can you think of an easy way to discover which of my 200+ Cisco devices have DHCP address pools?


      I tried to search but this is a rather keyword unfriendly request.

      I'm configuring IPAM v1.7.1 and thanks to the list provided by our Windows Server team I quickly added nodes in Solarwinds and using a Windows service account they provided me was able to import the DHCP scopes they had fairly easilly.

      Now I'm looking at the 200+ Cisco switches and routers we have deployed and can't imagine logging into each one and typing "sh run | incl dhcp" to try and find out if they are running DHCP.

      I was thinking if I had a txt file of the running-config from each device I could use something like the built-in Search function in Windows to search in those text files for "dhcp" and based on matches I'd add those as DHCP servers in IPAM.

      I looked at the Configs/Configuration Management feature of Solarwinds but that seems to download configs and keep them in Solarwinds and not as a text file I can access and searh like I thought above.

      So my question is, assuming you've followed this all, is how can find out what Cisco devices on my many, many subnets run a DHCP server?

      Your help is appreciated in advance.