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    Port status update


      I am trying to eval UDT. I just wanted to make sure how the port status work. I did the initial device discovery using SNMP query. I don't have my devices configured to send any SNMP trap's. However, every time I try to sutdown or enable any ports of any given devices, UDT is smart enough to update that within a minute. I just refresh the webpage and it shows the updated port status as down or up. I would appreciate if someone could explain what's going on behind all of this. Is the device sending some kind icmp packet to update the SolarWinds server like health monitor stuff or is it actually sending SNMP trap even though technically that device should not know where to send the SNMP trap, as not configured.


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          UDT determines status of a port based on the polling job. By default, we poll every 30 minutes. You can modify the polling rate for each node or globally.

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              mavturner, thank you for your answer. I was wondering if you could answer how I get the port status update in UDT within a minute when I shutdown or enable a port without SNMP Trap.

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                  Can we get SolarWinds developing team comment on this? 

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                      Andy McBride

                      Hi ekdge,

                      If you are looking for some ability of feature the product does not have today, Mav is the right guy for that.

                      BR - Andy

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                          This doesn't really make sense based on how the product works (unless you changed the default polling intervals).

                          I've asked someone from the dev team to chime in on this thread so we can get the right information to see what's going on in your environment.

                          If you own the product, then feel free to open a ticket with support.



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                          Hi ekdge,

                          mavturner is right, UDT doesn't processes any traps or other real time notifications from device yet. Data is updated only on the base of regular polling. So behavior you observe most probably is just a coincidence.



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                              Ok now is the time for the most usefull feature request for the User Device Tracker since there are lots of audiences and mav is here.

                              30 minutes is too long for us. Also I don't think it is necessary to poll the switch for every 30 minutes. Please make UDT aware of dynamic user tracking just like in the Cisco UTU 2. The switch will send snmp trap only an update(port on/off) on the switch.

                              We have Cisco UTU 2 it works great (only for Cisco Switches). UDT is multivendor. We prefer UDT if it supports Dynamic User Tracking at least in Cisco and Juniper switches. Or at lease make it optional for customers like us.

                              Here is an example configuration on the switch side.


                              Interface configuration:

                              snmp trap mac-notification change added

                              snmp trap mac-notification change removed


                              Global configuration:

                              snmp-server enable traps mac-notification change

                              snmp-server host xx.xxx.xx.xxx version 2c COMMUNITY udp-port 1431 mac-notification


                              mac address-table notification change interval 60

                              mac address-table notification change history-size 50

                              mac address-table notification change


                              #sh mac address-table notification change

                              MAC Notification Feature is Enabled on the switch

                              Interval between Notification Traps : 60 secs

                              Number of MAC Addresses Added : 21509

                              Number of MAC Addresses Removed : 21484

                              Number of Notifications sent to NMS : 11632

                              Maximum Number of entries configured in History Table : 50

                              Current History Table Length : 50

                              MAC Notification Traps are Enabled

                              Second Feature Request is a search band which sits on the task bar again just like in the Cisco UTU 2. It improves the usability since users do not wish to enter the web console for a search. It is also faster.