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    LEM Agent Alarm Notifications and Triggers




      After installation of agents into window users, what are the steps to provision in order for the agents to send notifications to the LEM console? Also, how to provide triggers once notifications have been recieved by the console? I guess, the same holds true for cisco routers and switches once it has been configured to send syslog messages to the LEM Manager?






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          Hi, Aaron.

          Provided the computers that have the LEM Agent installed have network access to the LEM Manager (i.e. no firewall in the way), the Agents should connect automatically. The LEM Agent for Windows has three tools configured by default, so you should start getting alerts for these resources immediately: Windows Security Log, Window System Log, and Windows Application Log. If you want to see additional alerts from these computers (AV alerts, for example), you'll have to configure a tool for each additional product. You can set up new tools for your LEM Agents in the Manage > Agents view under Agent gear icon > Tools.

          Regarding your devices that are logging to the LEM Manager, their tools are set up on the Manager side. This can be done in the Manage > Appliances view under Manager gear icon > Tools.

          If you're looking for more detailed information about setting up rules, filters or specific tools for email alerts, console notifications (blinking filter names, popup messages, etc.), or alerting for complex devices, respectively, please check out our knowledge base at http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com.

          While there, you might also check out KB3249 for links to several related training videos.

          Let me know if I didn't answer your question.