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    Custom Pollers for Optical Port Monitoring


      I thought I'd check first to see if anyone has developed any custom UnDP pollers to monitor optical tranceivers from these Cisco MIBs and care to share them?  Why reinvent the wheel?

      DESCRIPTION        "A MIB module containing extensions to the IF-MIB for  optical
              interfaces. This revision adds a new table coIfXcvrTable  to
              control transceivers (lasers and optical receivers)
              at  optoelectronic interfaces. It also defines three new
              code points,  ethernetPhy, esconPhy and gigabitPhy
              for the coIfTypeExtn object.

      DESCRIPTION        "This MIB  module defines objects to monitor optical
              characteristics and set  corresponding thresholds on the
              optical interfaces in a network  element.

      CISCO-OPTICAL-MONITORING-MIB  (This MIB  is temporary and experimental.)
      DESCRIPTION "This MIB module is used to monitor optical  parameters
                  of a network element.This MIB deals with the  operating
                  parameters of the optical layer. The optical layer is  a
                  term that defines all the devices/systems that deal  with
                  the conversion of data in it's electrical form to  optical
                  form, transmission of the optical data, reception, and
                  finally re-conversion to electrical signals.