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    Editing an SLA Operation


      I have configured a hub-and-spoke VoIP Jitter operation that will need editing periodically. Specifically, I will need to add another spoke each time we bring up a new remote site in our network.

      I don't see any way to edit the original operation, which consisted of ten "spokes", without re-creating the entire operation and adding the eleven spokes all at the same time.

      Am I missing something?


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          if I understand that correctly your are trying to edit group of operations by adding or removing items from the topology that was previously created by operation wizard. Is that correct? If yes then we unfortunately don't support that. Once the operation wizard is finished there is no way to edit created operation or topology set by wizard. IP SLA Manager allow to edit single operations.

          How big deal is this for you?



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              I think this is of medium interest. But if you consider that a hub-and-spoke arrangement is by definition a "group" realtionship, it would be nice to be able to modify the original topological construct by simply adding another spoke to the wheel.

              Having said that, I was thinking that actually creating a Group of the SLA operations in NPM would at least give me the advantage of tracking the status of all of the individual SLAs in one place. Its not exactly a work around and does not give me the ability to edit in the way I have described, but its better than nothing.