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    Is there a server type version??


      I don't remember exactly what version we had installed but it seemed before only one person could use the tools and they ahd to be on the server it was installed.  I also can't seem to even see the integration stuff on Win 7.. It never pops up or when i right click none of that stuff is there to choose.

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          You can install Toolset on a server or on a workstation. It is for use on one computer at a time. Windows 7 has tighter security than previous OS's and may be conflicting with your COM components. That is one of the reasons why we changed the way integration works. Check your list of services in Control Panel and make sure the following service is running: SolarWinds Orion Toolset integration Service.

          Then make sure that the Toolset Integration Tray App is running. It should show up in your tray with the SolarWinds icon. It will show a green ball if it is able to communicate with the integration service and a red ball if it is not. If it has not already been started you can launch if from: <Start Menu>\SolarWinds's Engineer's Toolset\Utilities\Launch Toolset Integration Tray.

          Then just refresh your Orion web page and when you right click on an item that supports integration (Nodes, interfaces, etc) you should see the integration menu.