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    SQL Compilations/sec/sec


      This is more of a bug report than a feature request.

      We have noticed that a few of the SQL Server Performance monitors are not reporting data properly, more specifically those which use "per second" counters from Windows. The SQL query in the template is taking the delta from two samples of counters which are already "per second" counters, making the result of the monitor zero.

      For example, the                                                SQL Compilations/sec monitor takes two samples of the                                               SQL Compilations/sec counter from Windows and compares them. However, the                                               SQL Compilations/sec counter is already doing this, so the result between the two samples is zero. If there are 100 compilations per second now, and 100 compilations per second 5 seconds from now, the difference between the two is zero. This does not make a useful counter in most cases.

      I have noticed that there is a SQL comment in the query "-- calculate page reads per second" which is evidence that each of these queries was copied from another. The original may have required a delta statistic but this one does not. This appears to be an oversight.

      If I am wrong about this, please explain why an acceleration monitor would be considered useful to the customer for these counters. However considering the SQL comment above, it appears to be an oversight.

      Thanks for your time.

      P.S. This issue was reported to your support team, but I do not believe it was considered a bug and they have insisted that I post the issue here.