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    Native Support for CPU Load and Memory Used for any device


      I've seen numerous customers asking for native support for various vendor devices.  It's been a long time since I was a developer but to me the simplest way of providing this support would be to provide an Edit button on the Title bar in the Min/Max/Avg CPU Load and Min/Max/Avg Memory Usage resources.  In Edit mode, provide a field to specify the vendor specific CPU Load and Memory Used OID(s) for the device (Cisco OID could be the default).  I would think this could be developed fairly quickly and would work for any device as well as eliminate the need for customers to develop custom UnDPs.  Has Solarwinds ever considered this approach?

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          I think this is a good idea since I would imagine on the back end it's just pointing to an OID anyway determined by the vendor of the product, this would simply give us a way to add additional vendor OID's for memory and CPU utilization.  One of the issues that this may encounter (I know from creating many UnDP's) is that not all vendors support memory or CPU utilization in a data type that will work in a gauge.

          However, to be prefectly honest; I don't think that doing this via UnDP's is much extra work.  In our environment I am doing this for several devices now and once they are setup you really never have to think about them again.