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    LEM Report on Severity >= 6


      I am not having any luck finding how to create a custom report or find a report in the 700 canned reports that just does a severity report. Now maybe I missed it but can someone help me locate a report that just reports on Severity of 5 or 6 and greater that LEM has logged.

      I would like a daily report that just includes those severities to meet a PCI compliance audit requirment.


      Thanks for any help in advance.

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          nicole pauls

          The easiest way to do what you want is to take an existing report, filter it, and then save that as a custom report. In this case, I'd use the "Console - Overview" report.

          1. Select the Console - Overview report in the list
          2. Click Run and pick a sample date range (can be short, but ideally would have severity 5+ things in it so you could search)
          3. Click Select Expert and add your Severity >=5 criteria
            1. Click New...
            2. Choose genericalert.severity
            3. Choose "is greater than or equal to" and fill in or select 5
            4. Click OK
          4. Click Export Report
          5. Choose Crystal Reports (RPT) and Disk file, then click OK
          6. Navigate to Program Files (x86 if 64-bit)\SolarWinds Log and Event Manager Reports\CustomReports
          7. Save your report there as an RPT

          To run the pre-filtered report:

          1. Go back to Settings
          2. Click Category > Custom Reports on the right
          3. Hit the "refresh report list" button on the top in the Quick Launch, or hit F5
          4. Click your Report (it'll be called "Console - Overview" and will show the file path from step 7 above)
          5. Click Run

          Hope that helps.