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    Problems getting config to copy from Cisco switch to SW SCP server


      I am trying to get SCP to work from a Cisco switch to SW SCP Server.  I can see the user get authenticated but the switch reports "Permission Denied" when it tries to transfer the file.
      I have verified the version of IOS that I am on doesnt have any SCP bugs on it that would explain the problem I am having (12.2.55.SE).

      Here is the config I am using on the cisco switch -

       log config
        logging enable
        notify syslog contenttype plaintext
        path scp://username:password@ip_address_scp/3750G-
       time-period 1440

      If I cant get this to work, I will have to get approval from Security to put up a FTP server which wont happen easily.

      If anyone has gotten this to work, I would appreciate hearing how you got it to work.