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    Number of Nodes View per Site Location


      Is it possible to create a view on the Summary Home Page of Soalrwinds, for example:

      Per Node Site Location | # of Nodes Up | # of Nodes Down |

      Site A                            |            50         |            10             |

      Site B                            |            30         |            10             |


      Then the Site/s (Site A…Site B) are clickable and that once click it will point you to the Site Map of All Nodes belonging to that Site (Network Atlas).

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          How are your SQL skills?

          My recommendation would be to create a report showing the output you're looking for.  Then add that report to the page you want it to appear on.

          We had one of the guys from Loop1 here and he did something very similar for our NOC's view.  They now have a list of all down nodes.

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              Chrystal Taylor

              You can also do this by creating a custom property for site, then populating the fields of course. Create a report using the Current status of Nodes, Volumes, etc. report type. Your fields would be Site sort:ascending, Status or Status Icon if you are comfortable with that (or both), and Status sort:ascending function:count. Filters should be select records where ANY of the following apply, then enter all of the statuses that you want to see on the report (just up and down, or add in unknown, unmanaged, etc). Change the field formatting for Count_of_status from object status to numeric data. You can add a report grouping by site to clean it up a bit if you want.  Hope this is what you are looking for! :)

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              This is a good idea.