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    Environmental Poll for APC Management Card ap9631


      I'm trying to use Universal Device Pollers to get the temperature from my APC Management card model number ap9631.  This is a remote temp monitor.  I've tried all of the common UDPs in the content exchange.  Does anyone have any experience with this? Getting the room temperature into Orion is very important.  

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          According to the comments on this UnDP in the content exchange, it looks like there is a firmware issue on the APC, so make sure you are using the latest version, then you should be able to get this UnDP to work. 

          APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers

          If you are still having problems and don't think it's the firmware on the APC, open the Universal Device Poller app, click new UnDP, click Browse MIB Tree, on Select Device select one of your APC devices, browse the MIB tree to APC's branch (start around, browse through the options and click test to see how the device is responding.

          Also, are you using SNMPv1 or v2? If you are using v3, then you will need to make sure the proper OIDs are exposed to the SNMP account you are using.