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    IP SLA info on Node details page (option) or on node rollover


      Curious if this is by design...I have a node that has no interfaces  down, cpu/mem/resp time good.  Has IPSLA monitors down.  on my graphic  for the node on the map, it has red child status.  I can only assume  this is due to IPSLA. [Yes, by design according to SW]

      1. My suggestion would be that you add a roll-over status indicator notification/update saying IPSLA monitors down.

      2. It would also be really good to be able to add a node resource for  IPSLA by device - i.e. add ISPLA resource to a node and it displays all  IPSLA monitors and their status for that device.

      I run IPSLA ICMPs on my WAN connections from my "head end" devices.   this would be nice to have on the node details (especially if that is  what is making the child status red).