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    Unable to view devices in Manage Nodes tab

      When trying to amend nodes using the Manage Nodes tab, whichever group I choose to display nodes in gives the following error message:

      Server error: RunQuery failed, check fault information.

      I have had our server guy check this out and he has advised the following:

      Nothing else is moaning about memory apart from this, its the same everytime and only appears during office hours which suggests its a query initiated by a user in solarwinds.

      Event Type:     Error
      Event Source:     MSSQLSERVER
      Event Category:     (2)
      Event ID:     6533
      Date:          04/10/2011
      Time:          16:48:42
      User:          N/A
      Computer:     xxxxxxx
      AppDomain NetPerfMon.dbo[runtime].522 was unloaded by escalation policy to ensure the consistency of your application. Out of memory happened while accessing a critical resource.

      Can anybody shed any light on why we are getting this and how it can be resolved?

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          Hi Ross,

          I had the same error in Manage Nodes before, but it was more of an SQL connection error than lack of memory as the error log tells you. In my case, it was more of a congestion in SQL transactions to the SQL server, and the performance really depends on the number of devices you are monitoring, number of solarwinds users using the web interface and the polling frequency. Maybe you can try decreasing polling frequency? But I think the best way is to open a support ticket for this. :)