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    Interface Utilization Monitoring- How to find underlying Source(s) that caused spike


      Part of our network interface monitoring is to interface usage to our NetApp Storage.  If NetApp network utilization exceeds our threshold we need to easily determine which VM guest or ESX host caused this.  All NetApp, ESC Hosts, and VM guests' host storage network interfaces are monitored in Orion NPM.

      I may not have access to the console at the time of alert so I'm not sure how to capture all information for that time.  Do I trigger a report to run?  I certainly do not want to open up charts for each VM or ESX to look for the cause. Or it could be a combination of VM or ESX running higher than normal storage requests that caused the NetApp spike.  Is there a way to group or isolate just storage related interfaces in single view or area?

      Thank you for any suggestions.