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    Monitoring total traffic across interfaces

    John Morgan


      I need to report on total traffic across across all router interfaces.  I have Netflow configured and running on all my routers.  I have gone to the pre-defined reports and can see that there is some good information there, but I need to be able to create a report in which I can define the start and end date. 

      For example, I would like a report for total traffic on a router between 12:00 am on Monday morning through 11:59 PM on Sunday night, thereby being able to tell exactly how much traffic traversed the router in a weeks period of time.

      How would I go about doing this?



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          John Morgan

          Ok.  Well.

          I have been playing with this for a while. 

          Here's what I've done.  I looked at the Serial Interface on one of my routers and wrote down the values for the total bytes input and the total bytes output.

          15 minutes later I went back and wrote down the valuse as they were then.

          I subtracted the starting values for each from the ending values for each, and added the resulting values together to get a total bytes transferred amount.  This value was approximately 19 MB.

          However when I looked at the interface in NTA for the same 15 minute time period the value that was showing was 43.6 MB.

          I'm a little unsure of the reason for the apparent discrepency.  Am I looking at apples and oranges here, or is there something I am not understanding?