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    Compatability Check - I hate you


      Somehow, when I first read about this new function recently.  I knew, I just knew it was going to be a dark day in the House of Geek. I had this feeling way down deep of technical despair and boundless nerd frustration.  I knew it was a fore-bearer of things to come.

      And here I am today rebuilding, well trying to, 2 of my pollers.  And after hours of  trial and error I am sitting here still staring at the evil "Welcome to the SolarWinds Compatibility Check" screen knowing that no matter how many times I fill out those 3 devilish fields nothing will change.  But alas I keep trying, and it continues to maniacally laugh at my useless mouse clicks and keyboard strokes each time taunting me with "Can't receive data from SolarWinds Information Service The creator of this fault did not specify a Reason.".

      For the love of all that is holy and good, who is this "Creator" and why does he give no reason????????????


      I hate you compatibility check.

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          So after hours of trial and error I was able to solve my issue on my own.  And in the vein of not complaining without suggesting a resolution this is what I ended up doing.

          I started to think the error was non-specific BS and quit paying attention to where it was directing me. So I thought next what if this thing is checking for module compatibility before core compatibility or even before the core is installed.

          So maybe it is just me but for years I have always installed the "core" or NPM and then added the modules.  Well low and behold in this case I did the opposite and it worked.  I installed IPAM's poller first, then APM then NPM.

          Maybe I am just 3/4 nutz but that seems very counter intuitive to me but again it worked.

          It seems the modules are no longer add-ons and each contains the "core" and can stand on its own.


          Just my experience.