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    Notification Control & Alert state messages


      Hi again,

       Here's another couple feature requests for IPM:

       Seeing that we can send a maximum # of alerts per monitor failure, can we get a field added called Alert Interval?   This would be the # of seconds between alerts that go out while a monitor is in a down state.

        Currently, the only way to do this is to change the # of seconds between Timing Checks during the down state.    What I'd like to see is an alert go out say, every 2 hours if the monitor is in a down state, but not prevent the checks from happening every xxx seconds.

        This leads me to my next question - is it possible to change the warning/critical alerts for services monitored under a host so that it doesn't send a message that the service is down?  

       What I mean by this is that when alerts go out, the variable for the monitor's state is either up or down.  This is fantastic if the host is actually down, but it creates a false sense of alert to those receiving alerts when it's something like the host's C: drive is at 14% free disk which triggers an alert.   The message subject we have is something like this:

        "[IPM] Datacenter Rack 4-1 Temperature on <hostname> is down"  

        What would be nice is to see that the service is in a "Critical" state or an "Ok" state when it goes green again.   Leave the host up/down alerts as "Up" or "Down", but only change the terminology used on the monitors under the host.

      Thanks for considering it.