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    Netflow Best practice / Design?

    Brian Dirk

      Hi All! First time dropping by the Forums here, but long-time user of SW products. 

      I just recently purchased NTA and am getting Netflow setup in my WAN.  But I'm not really gleaning Useful information out of the setup so far: so I figure maybe I have it designed incorrectly on my network gear.

      So I have a "managed service" setup forced on me by corporate. So the routers that connect my sites are all managed by others and they won't allow me to add my own netflow collector location to these devices. I am, therefore, forced to have the netflow collector sit on the core switches  / Inter-VLAN routers (Cisco 6500s and 4500s) that sit just behind these routers.  I've add the IP flow Egress and Ingress command to all VLAN interfaces on these devices. and yet, all I'm seeing is stuff like SNMP flow from core switch to the core switch. I'm not seeing user's flows at all. 

      My experience with netflow in the past has been to enable netflow on all physical interfaces in a router, and be done with it. Am I missing something? 

      A basic network site  diagram is as follows: 

      {Local VLANs}---[Core Switch]---[Site Router]----[Combination MPLS / Point-point Circuit WAN]