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    IPAM feature request - ARP tables, subnets on routers, bulk names, scan progress


      Also posted this under the "what are we working on post IPAM 2", thought I would make it an official request.  I am currently trialling IPAM in our organisation, hit a few niggles so far:

      +1 for automatic discovery of subnets from routers.

      When bulk importing subnets, I would like to be able to also bulk add  names.  I would also be happy if this was done post-bulk import using  an editor similar to the NPM custom field editor.

      ARP table input on nodes already in NPM to get devices that don't  respond to ICMP would be great.  Must have in my opinion for the future.

      I would also like to see some form of progress update on the "Subnet  Scan Status" page.  The status currently only shows when it started.  We  have quite a few large /16 (don't ask...) subnets that take a long time  to scan and I am currently basically 'blind' tweaking the scan  settings to try and optimise the scan for these subnets.  I would be  happy with a percentage of the number of IPs scanned so far being added  as estimated time would be flakey, even "last scan duration" would be  good enough to guesstimate.