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    Incorrect topolgy information


      I'm currently running NPM 10.1.3 on a network consisting of HP Procurve switches. I've noticed that, when looking at the NPM Network Topolgy information for a node, the 'Connects to' section, I'm getting erratic information, which can either be;

      The 'NPM Network Topology' section doesn't show at all, even though there should be valid information

      If it does display, the port shows as 'Unknown', but the switch shows correct

      Occasionally, I get the odd device showing the correct port and switch, but this is not many.

      I did trial UDT1.0 as well, which even though it was meant to fully support HP switches, didn't work properly, and also showed erratic or incorrect information on our network. There are no network issues to report, all switches are configured with LLDP enabled. I really think LLDP support in NPM should be a must, just for reporting basic topology information. I understand UDT can do the more advanced stuff.

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          I have similar issues with my Cisco Catalyst switches where multiple layer 3 interfaces are present.

          Once thing that helped (when it did show connections) was to ensure the connecting interfaces/trunks are monitored on both sides of a link and then rediscover the connected switches in the same discovery.   This showed more topology info but was still too often incomplete or incorrect.

          Since then I've completely disabled the topology discovery on all my discoveries because the info was just too inconsitent and made the discoveries take WAY too long to process.

          NPM 10.2 is supposed to be better able to handle layer 3 switches as well as separate the topology discovery from the network discovery.  I haven't tried or even looked at the betas.