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    Finding nodes in "Node Management"


      Im having a bit of a brain freeze moment...

      I'm in the "Node Management" section of the Orion Web Interface.

      We have setup 3 "Custom Fields"

      If I group by one of those custom fields, Orion sorts by the entries in that field and one called "unknown" because the field is blank.  Works great.

      When I click on "Unknown" there is a list of all the nodes (520) which have this field un-populated.  

      Now, inside that list of 520 nodes, there are 3 different sites which the nodes reside at, all have different IP ranges.

      My question is this, how do I search for the nodes in the "Unknown" list for just the ones within a specific IP address range.  When I do a search for "10.1." every device that falls within that range comes up, I only want to see the ones within the "Unknown" list.

      Thanks in advance


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          Hi Zach,

          i've had the same annoyance. The means I use to achieve this is via the "custom property editor" on the console/server. Select "Nodes" table. Then select "No Active Filter" build filter - to select ALL nodes that match (ie: Records where CITY is empty) would pick up all nodes with Unknown city.  Once results are returned, you can sort by selecting column, ie: Site or IP_Address etc. Or build a more complex filter. If you have lots of updates to perform, we typically export/import, using excel to edit/populate custom fields.