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    Switch-port capacity reports.




      I am currently using NPM 10.1 (new) and have a question about grouping and reports.


      I have looked athttp://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/Orion/docs/OrionAdministratorGuide.pdf and see that nodes can be grouped. Is it possible to group nodes by site and then a sub group I.E comms room?


      I would like to do this so I could run a report on the total number of interfacesin a group or site and  know how many interfaces have been down for 3 months or more for that group.


      Currently my switches are not grouped and I have two reports showing all interfaces and another report specificity showing ports that have been shutdown \ down for 3 months. I then have to use excel to help collate the data.


      The information is required for funding requests, proactive capacity management.