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    Issue when Multiple user edit the same ip

    Alex Raj


      I am experiencing the below issue when users try to allocate the next free ip.


      Consider the following scenario say user1 & user2 are logged into IPAM to allocate ip on network IPAM shows next free ip as
      Both users sees it and both click edit to assign the ip. User1 edits the ip and saves it. It is saved in the database and User2 also finishes editing and saves it. Since both are unaware they were editing the same ip at the same time they assign it to their respective server which causes a duplicate ip issue.
      The problem here is when IPAM allowed user2 to open when it is already opened for edit by user1. Is there a way to resolve this, is there a kind of lock mode in IPAM so when a user has started to edit a IP it can't be open by another user to edit ?.
      Any suggestion would be helpful. Because this means even though we have different user accounts create we cant use it because of the above issue of assigning the same ip twice.