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    About IPv6 Planning in IPAM



      Though I am reading document of IPAM, I do not understand

      IPv6 planning function.

      Would you teach about the following?

        *Purpose of this fucntion

        *When can we use this function (How situation) ?

        *What is an advantage?

      Best regards,

      - Ken Hirasawa -

        • Re: About IPv6 Planning in IPAM

          IPAM 2.0 added the ability for users to create IPv6 sites and subnets. Before deploying addresses, you can plan by adding your IPv6 global address, then add subnets that match your site. The main goal is to get your IPv6 address plan in something tangible before configuring your network so you don't need to go back and re-configure a lot of devices when you realize you didn't plan correctly. When you create all of your sites and subnets, you'll better understand how many bit you'll want to use for your site identifiers.