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    nProbe - distinguishing between mirrored ports



      I have nProbe running on a box that is plugged into a monitored port on one of my switches where I mirror the internet PIX port to it. I also want to mirror my WAN's media convertor (on the same switch). I have added the WAN's port as a mirrored port to the already running nProbe monitored port. I however need to find a way to distinguish which flow is which. For instance so far I have been able to see which machines were talking to servers on the internet (this has been fine and exactly what I wanted) Now I need to find a way to distinguish between local WAN connections and then internet connections so I can see different graphs of each as if they were being monitored seperately.

      Would the above scenario mean I should be running 2 different sessions of nProbe and using 2 different monitored ports on the switch? Or is there a way to do it as I currently have it setup (this is the preferable way).

      If you dont quite understand what I am getting at here is a sort of diagram below:


      Port1 - Monitored port with nProbe box plugged into it

      Port2 - Internet PIX interface - mirrored to port 1 on teh switch

      Port3 - WAN media convertor interface - mirrored to port 1 on the switch also