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    Building an alert based on two values from different devices added together



      We have a number of APC PDUs in a colo connected to an electrical infrastructure we can't manage. We have 10 30A PDUs on 5 30A circuits, so each circuit has two PDUs connected and the circuits are oversubscribed. We are monitoring the PDU devices but would like to build some seemingly complex alerting.

      I have built a custom device poller that gets the current load from each PDU and can display that value on the website just fine. We can obviously build an alert that will let us know if any ONE of these PDUs goes over a specific value for load, but what we'd really like to be alerted on is if the combined load for the matching PDUs get close to 30A. This would essentially require an alert that can look at the value returned from two separate monitored devices and add them together.

      Does anyone know if there's a way to accomplish this? I figure I'll need 5 alerts, 1 for each 'group' of PDUs.