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    Bandwidth Usage Monitor



      I'm new in ipMonitor, and I need to configure a Bandwidth Usage Monitor for a Cisco Router ethernet link using SNMP.

      Is it posible with this kind of monitor (Bandwidth Usage)?.

      The Network Administrator said that the total bandwith is 34,816 kilobits/s (34 Mb) and he wants to get and alarm when the bandwith has exceeded the 90% (31,334.4 kb/s).

      What values should I configure in Last-Value Threshold and Short-Term Threshold?


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          Hello Iug,

          The Last-Value Threshold is meant to detect spikes in network usage.  By default, this is set to 90%.  If 90% of the interface's bandwidth capabilities are reached, it will then check the average bandwidth usage on the interface within the time period specified (default is 915 seconds).  If the average exceeds the Short-Term Value threshold (default is 70%), the Monitor fails.  If the average is not exceeded, the Monitor succeeds.

          This behavior is basically to avoid getting alerted every time a short network spike occurs.

          Hopefully this helps answer your question.


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