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    IPAM question


      We just purchased the Orion suite. As we are going through setting things up, we get to the IPAM module

      and see that for DHCP servers only CISCO is supported?

      we have INFOBLOX devices responsible for DHCP, does this mean we can't use the IPAM module?

      what gives with the cisco only support?

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          Yes currently only CIsco and Windows based DHCP servers are currently supported, however you can still use IPAM to scan the actual subnets.  Having the ability to pull those scopes from your DHCP servers make the initail configuration a little easier.
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              I know this is an old post...but is there any timeline to add additional support for Infolblox? I am using Infoblox and they have an IPAM solution as well, but I rather use Solarwinds because everything is centralized (even thoug there is no integration between IPAM, NCM and NPM).