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    which tool use for Bandwidth Optimization


      we have a requirement for Bandwidth optimizer.
      I'm looking for a Bandwidth Optimization Solution from Solarwinds.
      Can your  team suggest a best solution available from your range product.
      We need the Bandwidth Optimizer Solution to manage the Internet traffic so that we can classify & priorities traffic.
      to be precise on the Requirement
      " The Client has about 600 Mbps and 10 Mbps total bandwidth. 
         They want to Prioritising the traffic and viewing it and also changing it .. It should be like supporting around 700-800 mpbs internet bandwidth.  
         As I had mentioned there 300 MBps allocated for 1 department
         Next 100 MBps for 2nd Department
         Next 100 MBps for 3rd Department.
        The client want to change the traffic for a department suppose 3rd Department need additional Bandwidth , then the client can reduce 20 Mbps from 2nd Department & move this 20 Mpbs or reserve additional BW to 3rd Department.