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    Configure New Type of Service



      We mark some of our network traffic to DSCP6 and our routers give this traffic lowest priority on the network.


      This value isn't configured as a Type of Service in NTA so the ToS of the traffic shows up as 'Unknown'.


      I can see you can edit labels for existing DiffServ Code Points but I can't see a way to add a new one. Does anyone know if this is possible?


      The DSCP value would be 000110



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          There is a table in databse called TypesOfService with all the DSCP values listed.  You might try and add another row to this table with your values or edit one of the less common values in the table.  I would consider doing this in a test enviroment to see how it plays out in the software.  Anythoughts from SW staff??
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            Hi memgtdg,

            tlwoodstx is correct.

            Unfortunately we do not have this feature in WebGUI -it will be included in future releases.

            You can insert your new DSCP value into "TypesOfService" table manually or use script bellow.

            USE [SolarWindsOrion] --put into brackets the name of Your Orion databse- NetPerfMoN or SolarWindsOrion or other ..
            INSERT INTO [TypesOfService]


            After You will add new entry into "TypesOfService" there will be also need to perform restart of Orion services

            via "Orion service manager" in order to write new DSCP settings into Orion internal cache.



            Regards radekn