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    Setting up Toolset Syslog Server


      We have purchased a copy of the Engineer's toolset. We are currently using Kiwi Syslog server and want to migrate to the toolset syslog server provided with the Engineer's toolset. What are the necessary steps needed? What portions of the toolset are required to use to do this? Is there a good manual on \ off the website to use for reference?

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          Are you looking for for a way to export your settings or are you in need of a admin guide to learn how to use the product?

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            We don't currently have an automated method for migrating from Kiwi Syslog Server to Toolset Syslog Server. Toolset's Syslog Server listens on UDP port 514. Just start it up and setup a few settings and you will start collecting any messages. You can also send messages to test out your listening filters.

            Click the settings button and you can set whether messages are shown immediately upon arrival or are pooled to arrive in bursts for better performance, set an audio beep to notify you when a message arrives, word wrap long messages, and set an aging threshold for when messages are cleaned from the database. You can set which priorities you listen to (emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, debug). You can choose which facilities you listen to (kernel message, user-level message, mail system, syslog message, etc). Set the columns you want to display and set how many messages you want to display.

            So just make note of the similar settings in your existing Syslog Server, shut down that server, start up the Toolset Syslog Server, and reproduce the settings and you will be collecting messages.