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    Permission Network Objects


      Dear All,

      I have created network objects for North America, South America, MEA, Europe, Asia-Pacifi, Now my IT manager from Europe wants to see only his regions map i.e Europe map to his account EU-RIT.

      When he login into to Solarwinds he can see all regions network maps, which is not required for his account, what he wants to see only the Europe network object when he login in to his account usinr EU-RIT. Can anyone help me how to assign this, i tried login into to Admin-Accounts-Manage accounts, but unable to solve this issue.




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          This is achievable by going to Admin-->Accounts-->Manage Accounts.

          Select the User account-->edit,under "Default Menu Bar and views" you should see this link named "Customize Menu Bars".Then,click on that link.

          Under "Admin Menu Bar",select 'Edit' option.You should see a list of items available,look for "All maps" and click the edit option right next to it.

          Now you can rename the maps according to the user account.And have the appropriate URL pasted.This should work and let us know the results.