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    Monitoring Network Disk Changes


      Hi Everyone,

      I am extremely new to IPMonitor, not even sure this is the correct place to ask the question!

      I am having trouble with a specific service and application at work, it basically encodes video onto a shared raid disk. There are three encoders using the network to write these files to their relevant shares on the raid A, B, C. Periodically the files being written by the encoders to these folders simply stop.

      I want to be able to monitor the folder and basically set a condition that if the folder stops growing in size then send an alert (email preferrably). There are no other conditions I can think of as the files are created once ever 20 minutes with names being generated based on the time they are created, so a bit complicated to target a specific file.

      I would REALLY appreciate any help with a solution for this. There is obviously a fundamental reason the encodes stop, but until I figure it out, I really need an "in your face" alert to let the office know they need to restart the encoders.

      Thanks in advance and look forward to your replies :)

      Kind Regards,