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    Alert Suppression Not functioning


      So I am unable to figure out why this logic doesn't work but I did create a work around.  I want to know if anyone can tell me why the original alert conditions woudlnt work.  I had two copies of Alert 1...one with the alert suppression condition set to yes and the other to no.  Neither of these worked, but when I added the logic to the trigger conditions they work fine.  Makes no sense to me.

      Alert 1 is the copy that failed and Alert two is the workaround.



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          When the Alert Supression Field is true, it will Suppress all Alerts from Triggering


          Alert 1 will not work because as long as a single Device with the Custom Property of "ImportedFromBigBrother" was No, then this Alert will never trigger.


          Alert 2 is correctly designed. The Node will have to be down and  "ImportedFromBigBrother" is yes and it will Alert.


          Always use the Trigger\Reset Conditions Tabs to setup your Alerts.


          Less than 2% of Customers' Alerts will use Alert Suppression. Alert Suppression was designed so if the Router of a Network was down, it would not Alert when the Devices were reporting as down.