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    Top 10 VMware hosts by network utilization not showing data


      I finally got around to getting our vsphere environment into NPM for monitoring, and have noticed that four of our ESXi systems are not showing the rolled-up data for network utilization on the Top 10 chart.  All other info for the hosts is coming across just fine in the top 10's (CPU, Memory, etc.)  The part that puzzles me most is that when you browse to the actual ESXi host, it lists the network throughput per interface just fine.  See attached images...  Am I dealing with a configuration issue, or is this a possible bug?

      Orion Core: 2011.1.1
      Network Performance Monitor:10.1.3
      Orion Network Configuration Manager: 6.1
      Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor: 1.1.2

      Thanks all.