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    Feature Enhancement Requests: conditional text input  and byte count


      1. We have multiple sites that we need to monitor that provide challenge questions as part of the login process.  There are between 4 and 8 challenge questions.  During each login,  two are randomly selected and answers are required.  The answers to the challenge questions cannot be the same (I was hoping this would be an out).

      I am interested in functionality that would (based on matching text) submit specific responses.  I can see this being implemented as extensions of the current "find on page" functionality combined wth text input, the major hurdle being that not matching the text is OK, as long as two of the selections are found.

      Dealing with financial web sites, this sort of thing is commonplace.

      2.  Instead of matching text, for pages that are strictly images if we could match a file or page size  (instead of match text) that would be great.  For now, I am using don't find 401, 403, error, etc... but that seems suboptimal.

      Thanks for your consideration.