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    Alerting Based on UnDP that returns muliple responses


      I can not get the alert logic to work corrrectly when a poll returns multiple values.  For example I can build a poll that returns all of the IP Route destinations on  a specific router.  I want to  be able to generate an alert when a specified destination is NOT  there.  In trying to work around this I can change that Get Next to a specific GET request which would only return the single response entry I am testing for but the problem is once that destination is gone so is the OID used for the GET, so what is returned is an SNMP error (I assume "No Such Name" ) which would be fine if NPM could alert based on that response but to the best of my knowledge it can not.  So it would be nice if we could do one or more of the below

      1) alerts based on specified standard SNMP errors

      2) allow the alert logic to understand when it needs to evaluate multiple table rows when evaluating

      3) allow us to create a filter when we build one of these UnDPs so that it would evaluate the responses and only  write the response that matches the filter or if no responses match 0 or "NULL" or whatever .

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          So immediately after posting this I realized that the only problem with the alert logic was the user implementing it.  Even so, while you can scratch #2 from the list the other two suggestions would still be beneficial.  Right now for this UnDP NPM is writing about 25 rows to the DB on every polling cycle and checking for a single response.  Implementing either #1 or #3 would reduce this to at most 1 row for each poll.

          Also in the original post I said it was a Get Next when it was obviously a Get Table .