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    Give feedback on the customer portal, get a sneak peek of new pages, win a t-shirt!

    Kellie Mecham

      Next week (the week of September 19), we’re conducting very brief 30 minute feedback sessions on some page redesigns within the customer portal.  We’ll take a few moments to learn about how you currently use the portal, hear any specific complaints or issues you’ve had, and then show you a sneak peek at some redesigned pages. 


      If you have time and bandwidth, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!    We can do this almost any half hour from 9am to 4pm Central time on Monday September 19th or on Wednesday the 21st from about 1 to 3pm Central, also.  If you used the customer portal and are interested in making it a better experience for you, we'd love to hear from you!


      And--did we mention there are t-shirts for participating?


      If you're interested, email kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com with a date and time that work for you.