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    Trap forward - keep source address



      I am forwarding SNMP traps from NPM to NCM and using the keep source address option in the Alert actions. but when I see the trap in the NCM trap viewer it states that it came from the NPM server and not the actual device. I have unticked this option as well and I get the same results.

      Is it possible to forward a trap from NPM to another trap reciever and still keep the device source address


      Thanks in advance


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          BUMP - I'll second this.

          Trying to do the same thing, by centralizing the SNMP Traps, and getting Kiwi to spoof the source address such that dumber devices down the line have no idea kiwi is the originator. Keeps device config down to a minumum by applying the forwarding logic on kiwi rather than individual config lines on our end devices.