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    Feature Request: Intelligent Installer Interface


      Setting up a SolarWinds server with multiple modules can be a somewhat time consuming process.  After each installer runs the configuration wizard starts.  Would it be possible to have a checkbox to run the configuration wizard at the end of the install (that you could uncheck if you are moving on to additional modules).  We have NMP, IPAM, APM, UDT, IPSLA, NCM.  As solarwinds continues to release modules this is going to get even worse.

      The process is even worse on the Additional Polling Engine.  It extracts several different executables (NPM, UDT, APM, IPAM, SEUM) and after you run one say NPM for instance the other temp files disappear and you have to extract the files again and install the next product.  Since the Additional Polling Engine includes all the files needed for all these modules wouldn't it make more sense for it to have a check box for what modules you want to install instead of running NPM then configuration, then APM then configuration, and so on. 

      Just seems a little cumbersome to me.  I understand more the issues on the primary server because the applications aren't all packed together but on the additional polling engine the one download contains all the products so that doesn't make any sense to me.