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    Improving map display on LAN Surveyor--like Network Atlas?


      I'd like to have the functionality of LAN Surveyor (right click on a node and choose telnet or ssh), but the maps it builds seem to be either incomplete or to have too much information.

      I use Network Atlas and really like the simplicity of the resulting maps because they don't include all the subnets hanging off L3 devices.  But I can't right click on a Network Atlast map's node and get access via telnet or ssh.

      What is anyone doing to display all L2 and L3 devices in LAN Surveyor, but not have it display all the subnets as additional lines on the map?

      When I choose Map View Filters and try various options (Hide subnets with fewer than X visible connections) or Enable Level 3 Filtering, it helps make the map less busy, but at the expense of completely filtering out some nodes.

      How are others making LAN surveyor's maps look simpler, like Network Atlas's maps, without losing nodes in Surveyor?

      Or, how can I make Network Atlas's icons as useful as those in Surveyor (right click to telnet or ssh)?