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    Issue with Views by Device Type


      I've created a view for all our Cisco switches, the odd thing is that even though I've selected the Cat 2750xx stack and Cat 2960-48PST-L switch models it will go back to the default view for these modesl at somepoint after I submit the changes. W have 10 or so other Cisco switch models that use the same view and none of them drop back to the default view.

      I have the same issue with exactly the same models of switch on our other NPM. This has probably happened to both NPM's half dozen times since I created the view last year.

      I've checked with our other admins who have access to change the view by device type but they say they've never changed any of the views.

      Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

      Anyone have any thoughts or ways I can resolve this issue?




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          I have noticed a similar thing happen with our 3Com Switches - every now and then, the device type view sets them back to Wireless Autonomous AP.  In fact, I checked now and it happened again - it seems to happen once every 3-4 weeks.

          I haven't thought much of it because I assumed someone else was changing it, but given your situation it looks like it could be a bug of some sort.

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            I would be very interested in discussng this more with you  

            We have been having the same issues with the same views resetting at Jon. The difference is that we only have two admins that know how to change the views and both of us knew the other did not, or was not doing it  

            After lots of investigation we found that the view chnages when you replace a device. Specifically when a devices model changes, but the other information such as device name and IP stay the same .

            Have you done any switch upgrades or replacements? I am able to recreate it but not able to pinpoint exactly what triggers the change .

            I have created an alert that will notify me when the view changes, so if you want I can share that with you.

            I also have an open ticket with SW on this hand they have LOTS of diagnostics and information. I will follow up with them pointing to his thread as well.

            I am glad we are not the only ones anymore. I thought we had gremlins for a while.

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                I have recently replaced a number of 2950's with 2960 POE switches. Now that it would seem to be a bug I can check more frequently particlaur after changing a switch.

                If you could you share the alert that would be great.

                Thanks for the info.


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                    The only other things that I would be sure to include is the ${DateTime} in the message of your alert.

                    If you have questions let me know. Keep in mind that this will only watch 1 device (Machine Type) for a change to a specified ViewID. This will not watch all views for any changes. 


                    Its hard to say what exactly is making it change. I know one of the ingredients for this bug is that the machine type changes while most of the other information stays the same. 

                    We have found in our testing that the Manual Rediscovery button on the Node Details page will set this off but only after it has been automatically discovered by Orion by whatever the Rediscovery timer is. 

                    Its very flaky and hard to reproduce. I created this alert so I could get a pinpoint time that the change occurred and send the time and the diagnostics to SW. I would suggest that you all do the same as well. 

                    You can have them refer to Case 263150